Installation Guide to mpich,a Portable Implementation of MPI

William Gropp and Ewing Lusk

This Guide corresponds to Version 1.1 of mpich. It was processed by LaTeX on Thu Sep 25 23:26:59 1997.

MPI (Message-Passing Interface) is a standard specification for message-passing libraries. mpich is a portable implementation of the full MPI specification for a wide variety of parallel computing environments, including workstation clusters and massively parallel processors (MPPs). mpich contains, along with the MPI library itself, a programming environment for working with MPI programs. The programming environment includes a portable startup mechanism, several profiling libraries for studying the performance of MPI programs, and an X interface to all of the tools. This guide explains how to compile, test, and install mpich and its related tools. This document describes how to obtain and install mpich [7], the portable implementation of the MPI Message-Passing Standard Details on using the MPICH implementation are presented in a separate User's Guide for mpich [5].



  • Quick Start
  • Obtaining and Unpacking the Distribution
  • Documentation
  • Configuring  mpich
  • Building a production  mpich
  • What if there is no Fortran compiler?
  • Special issues for heterogeneous networks
  • Compiling  mpich
  • Getting tcl, tk, and wish
  • Building multiple devices or architectures
  • Running an MPI Program
  • Special Considerations for Running on a Network of Workstations
  • Dealing with automounters
  • Faster job startup
  • Stopping the servers
  • Managing the servers
  • Special Considerations for Running with Shared Memory
  • Thorough Testing
  • Installing  mpich for Others to Use
  • User commands
  • Installing documentation
  • Man pages
  • Web versions of man pages
  • Examples
  • Internationalization
  • Benchmarking  mpich
  • The  mpich Programming Environment
  • Introduction
  •  mpirun, a Portable Startup Script
  • The  mpicc and  mpif77 Commands
  •  mpireconfig, a way to create Makefiles
  •  nupshot, a Way to View Logfiles
  • Automatic Report Generation
  • Problems
  • Submitting bug reports
  • Problems configuring
  • General
  • Problems building  mpich
  • General
  • Workstation Networks
  • Cray T3D
  • Intel i860
  • Intel Paragon
  • SGI
  • IBM SP2
  • Problems in testing
  • General
  • Acknowledgments
  • Bibliography