Submitting bug reports

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Any problem that you can't solve by checking this section should be sent to Please include:

* The version of MPICH (e.g., 1.1.0)

* The output of running your program with the -mpiversion argument (e.g., mpirun -np 1 a.out -mpiversion)

* The output of
uname -a 
for your system. If you are on an SGI system, also
* If the problem is with a script like configure or mpirun, run the script with the -echo argument (e.g., mpirun -echo -np 4 a.out )

* If you are using a network of workstations, also send the output of bin/tstmachines. The program tstmachines is discussed in the Users Guide.

If you have more than one problem, please send them in separate messages; this simplifies our handling of problem reports.

The rest of this section contains some information on trouble-shooting MPICH. Some of these describe problems that are peculiar to some environments and give suggested work-arounds. Each section is organized in question and answer format, with questions that relate to more than one environment (workstation, operating system, etc.) first, followed by questions that are specific to a particular environment. Problems with workstation clusters are collected together as well.

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