Sets the base filename used to capture output from updates


#include "mpe.h" 
int MPE_CaptureFile( handle, fname, freq )
MPE_XGraph handle;
char       *fname;
int        freq;

Input Parameters

handle MPE graphics handle
fname base file name (see below)
freq Frequency of updates

Return Values

MPE_ERR_LOW_MEM malloc for copy of the filename (fname) failed
MPE_ERR_BAD_ARGS handle parameter is bad


The output is written in xwd format to fname%d, where %d is the number of the file (starting from zero).

Notes For Fortran Interface

The Fortran interface to this routine is different from its C counterpart and it has an additional argument, ierr, at the end of the argument list, i.e. the returned function value (the error code) in C interface is returned as the additional argument in Fortran interface. The Fortran interface is invoked with the CALL statement.

All MPI and MPE objects, MPI_Comm, MPE_XGraph and MPE_Color, are of type INTEGER in Fortran.

Additional Notes for Fortran Interface

The trailing blanks in Fortran CHARACTER string argument will be ignored.