Adds a color to the colormap given its RGB values


#include "mpe.h" 
int MPE_Add_RGB_color( graph, red, green, blue, mapping )
MPE_XGraph graph;
int red, green, blue;
MPE_Color *mapping;

Input Parameters

graph MPE graphics handle
red, green, blue color levels from 0 to 65535

Output Parameter

index of the new color

Return Values

-1 maxcolors too large (equal to numcolors)
MPE_SUCCESS successful
mapping index of the new color


This call adds a color cell to X11's color table, increments maxcolors (the index), and writes it to the mapping parameter.

Notes For Fortran Interface

The Fortran interface to this routine is different from its C counterpart and it has an additional argument, ierr, at the end of the argument list, i.e. the returned function value (the error code) in C interface is returned as the additional argument in Fortran interface. The Fortran interface is invoked with the CALL statement.

All MPI and MPE objects, MPI_Comm, MPE_XGraph and MPE_Color, are of type INTEGER in Fortran.