(collectively) opens an X Windows display


#include <stdio.h>
#include "mpe.h"
int MPE_Open_graphics( handle, comm, display, x, y, w, h, is_collective )
MPE_XGraph *handle;
MPI_Comm   comm;
char       display[MPI_MAX_PROCESSOR_NAME+4];
int        x, y;
int        w, h;
int        is_collective;

Input Parameters

comm Communicator of participating processes
display Name of X window display. If null, display will be taken from the DISPLAY variable on the process with rank 0 in comm. If that is either undefined, or starts with w ":", then the value of display is `hostname`:0
x,y position of the window. If (-1,-1), then the user should be asked to position the window (this is a window manager issue).
w,h width and height of the window, in pixels.
is_collective true if the graphics operations are collective; this allows the MPE graphics operations to make fewer connections to the display. If false, then all processes in the communicator comm will open the display; this could exceed the number of connections that your X window server allows. Not yet implemented.

Output Parameter

Graphics handle to be given to other MPE graphics routines.


This is a collective routine. All processes in the given communicator must call it, and it has the same semantics as MPI_Barrier (that is, other collective operations can not cross this routine).