10.1.1. Overview

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This section presents a complete C++ language interface for MPI. There are some issues specific to C++ that must be considered in the design of this interface that go beyond the simple description of language bindings. In particular, in C++, we must be concerned with the design of objects and their interfaces, rather than just the design of a language-specific functional interface to MPI. Fortunately, the original design of MPI was based on the notion of objects, so a natural set of classes is already part of MPI.

Since the original design of MPI-1 did not include a C++ language interface, a complete list of C++ bindings for MPI-1 functions is provided in Annex MPI-1 C++ Language Binding . MPI-2 includes C++ bindings as part of its function specifications. In some cases, MPI-2 provides new names for the C bindings of MPI-1 functions. In this case, the C++ binding matches the new C name --- there is no binding for the deprecated name. As such, the C++ binding for the new name appears in Annex Language Binding , not Annex MPI-1 C++ Language Binding . ARM,ansi95:_cpp_drafts

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