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To provide a better basis for statistics on high-performance computers, we list the sites that have the 500 most powerful computer systems installed. The best Linpack benchmark performance achieved is used as a performance measure in ranking the computers. This list has been updated twice a year since June 1993. Here you can get information about all published lists.

There are two primary mirror sites of the TOP500. One in Germany at the University of Mannheim and one in the USA at Netlib.

The TOP500 List for November 1996

(Lists the top 500 computers from around the world.)

The TOP500 Annual Report for 1996

(A set of reports based on the Top500 list.)

Click here to see the SuperComputing'96 Top500 poster

The TOP500 list

Postscript versions of the TOP500, November 18, 1996 (570kb) or compressed (130kB)

The latest TOP500 Report

Here you can create your own sublist

Here you find slides about the interpretation of the latest TOP500 list.

TOP500 Data Submission Panel

Previous TOP500 lists and the annual reports.

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